A new blog about cardmaking

I love making cards. I think it is the one and only hobby that is lasting for many years. I start making cards early in the 90’s, I think. I was on a crafting event and I saw what people were doing with fabrice on cardstock and so my passion began. I do not make cards with fabrice so often any more. I like all card making techniques: you name it I did it. I love the little projects and you can always make someone happy with a handmade card.

The reason I started a blog just for my cards, because I have a lot of other hobby’s too, is that I like to play along in cardmaking challenges. And I was thinking a blog, just for my cards, and for playing in challenges is better than a blog with all kind of crafts and arts. I thought that was not very logical. So that is why I started this new blog where I can show my cards and start playing along in all those very fun cardmaking challenges around the internet!

I think I will write about the products I used and techniques I have tried, to make the cards and why it was such a fun to play along in the challenge. And I hope to connect with the enourmus cardmaking community around the world!

Below a number of cards that I have made over the years. These are not all the cards that I made, because unfortunately I have not taken a picture of everything.
Below a small impression!